Ya está en marcha la “Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF)”

Se trata de una plataforma global que facilita la preparación y estructuración de APPs de infraestructura complejas para permitir la movilización del sector privado y del capital de inversión institucional.


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The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) is a global open platform that facilitates the preparation and structuring of complex infrastructure public-private partnerships (PPPs) to enable mobilization of private sector and institutional investor capital.

Infrastructure plays a critical role in growth, competitiveness, job creation and poverty alleviation. Investment in high-quality, sustainable infrastructure can provide basic services to households; lead to productive gains for industry; provide market access for agriculture; enable sustainable urban development; open corridors of trade for poor and landlocked countries to the global economy; and help progress towards a more climate-smart world.

However, despite robust growth over the last decade, many people in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs) still do not have access to reliable and affordable infrastructure services. This lack of infrastructure comes at enormous economic and social cost.  Over 1.3 billion people—almost 20 percent of the world’s population—still have no access to electricity.  About 768 million people worldwide lack access to clean water; and 2.5 billion do not have adequate sanitation; 2.8 billion people still cook their food with solid fuels (such as wood); and one billion people live more than two kilometers from an all-weather road.

This strong unmet demand for infrastructure investment in EMDEs is estimated at above US$1 trillion a year. Meeting this need presents a significant financing challenge given constraints on existing sources of infrastructure finance, particularly in the public sector. To help bridge that financing gap, private commercial lenders and institutional investors have joined with multilateral development banks (MDBs) and donor countries to create the Global Infrastructure Facility, the GIF.

The GIF platform coordinates and integrates the efforts of Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), private sector investors and financiers, and governments interested in infrastructure investment in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies—fostering collaboration and collective action on complex projects that no single institution could achieve alone.

The GIF private sector partners alone represent about $12 trillion in assets under management, seeking diversification into productive investments with risk-reflective returns. By building a global pipeline of sustainable infrastructure investment projects, structured to meet both the needs of service users and the investment appetites of such investors, the GIF has the potential to unlock billions of dollars for infrastructure in the developing world.

The GIF became operational in April 2015, with an initial capitalization of US$100 million. The first three years of GIF operations constitute a “pilot phase,” during which the GIF concept, activities, and partnership model will be tested.  During this time it is expected that at least 10 to 12 project support activities will be undertaken, allowing the GIF model to be tested across a range of project sectors and types, geographies and country environments. At the same time, the concept for a future flexible financing window will be further refined and tested with a view to mobilizing additional resources as needed during the pilot phase.

The GIF is now accepting applications for project preparation and transaction structuring support.



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