El Banco Mundial sancionó 71 empresas por “mala praxis” durante el año fiscal 2015

Las investigaciones afectaron a 61 proyectos y 93 contratos por valor de 523 millones de dólares.

This year’s Integrity Annual Update highlights the World Bank Group’s contributions to an emerging global movement to end corruption.  Early detection of red flags and prompt action to mitigate risk by project teams resulted in preventing approximately US$ 138 million from being awarded to companies that had attempted to engage in misconduct.  The impact of investigations, forensic audits and disclosures as well as tailored training offered by the World Bank’s Integrity Vice Presidency (INT) and its partners has generated significant momentum among law enforcement and auditing authorities in pursuing transnational financial crimes and their anticipation of fraud and corruption risks across development sectors.

When money is lost through illicit flows, it often finds its way across borders to fund major crime, including drug and human trafficking. Our development goals are inextricably tied to efforts to fight corruption, and it’s a challenge that demands our constant vigilance,”said World Bank Group President; Jim Yong Kim.

Among the key results achieved in FY15 are substantiated investigations that involved 61 projects and 93 contracts worth about $523 million, resulting in 71 sanctioned entities.  In addition, the World Bank Group entered into 11 Negotiated Resolution Agreements (NRAs) with entities ranging from small businesses to major multinational companies.  This fiscal year, INT also relied on advanced forensic methodology in proactive fiduciary reviews carried out in partnership with the World Bank Group’s Governance Global Practice.   This joint effort resulted in establishing early warning systems that help ensure high-risk operations, in particular, meet their development objectives.

The impact of our work this year extends beyond numbers. Our strong engagement with members of the International Corruption Hunters Alliance, bilateral and multilateral development entities, as well as CSOs is creating opportunities to advocate, developing solutions and where feasible, intervene to end corruption,” said World Bank Group Integrity Vice Presidency Leonard McCarthy.

In addition, INT’s work with sanctioned companies through the Integrity Compliance Office (ICO) is helping large and small companies across regions make integrity and effective risk management an integral part of their business.  By the end of FY15, 47 companies debarred by the World Bank Group were actively engaged with the ICO.  During the same period, the debarment of seven companies was lifted following the implementation of suitable compliance programs and fulfilling other conditions of their sanction.

INT’s Preventive Unit developed a new Integrity Scan.  The new analytical tool was tested on more than 300 investigations and 3,600 complaints of fraud and corruption filed with INT in the past six years.  Results of the analysis will better inform project teams on integrity risks in major operations.  This fiscal year, INT offered advisory support to 94 investment operations during preparations and134 projects at the time of review.  More than 1000 World Bank Group staff, public officials and contractors received training in red flag identification and integrity risk management.

The annual update also sheds light on the joint and sustained linkages across the World Bank Group and with clients to strengthen global anticorruption efforts building on the impact of INT’s investigative and preventive work.  “For the World Bank Group, maintaining our focus on corruption risks remains a top priority and we make every effort to mitigate it while holding those responsible accountable,” added Leonard McCarthy, World Bank group Integrity Vice President.

Access the 2015 Annual Integrity Report at www.worldbank.org/integrity



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