Informe Anual de 2014 de la MCC

En este informe anual se pueden consultar los progresos llevados a cabo en los diferentes compacts durante el año 2014 tanto en el ámbito material como de desembolso financiero. Además se especifican los avances en áreas consideradas como prioritarias dentro de la política de cooperación de EE.UU y una lista de los entes públicos y privados con los que ha colaborado la organización.

Para leer el informe pinche aquí.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation released its 2014 Annual Report today. The report, entitled A Decade of Progress, highlights MCC’s impact on the fight against global poverty during its first 10 years.


The report provides an overview of MCC’s work from October 1, 2013 to September 30, 2014. It showcases MCC’s first 10 years and explores how the agency’s work in 2014 added to its decade of progress. MCC’s results, partnerships and contributions to the practice of sustainable development have made it an effective and emulated leader in the development community.


“What began 10 years ago as a bold new model for development assistance has matured into a powerful tool for incentivizing good governance and economic growth in partner nations around the globe,” MCC CEO Dana J. Hyde said in her opening message. “Today, MCC’s unique approach to development helps countries build strong, stable economies that put people and communities on the path to greater opportunity.”


The report also provides updates on the nine countries in compact implementation: Cabo Verde, Georgia, Indonesia, Jordan, Malawi, Moldova, the Philippines, Senegal, and Zambia. The report highlights MCC’s results across various sectors, its contributions to the global development agenda and the partnerships it has crafted across the U.S. Government and beyond.


“For more than a decade, MCC has delivered invaluable results in promoting good governance and creating jobs, in addition to improving health, sanitation and education standards, and building and leveraging the right conditions for greater private investment, social development and economic growth, turning the promise of prosperity into reality,” summarized Secretary of State John Kerry, who also chairs MCC’s Board of Directors, in the report’s opening.



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