“PPPs Short Stories Competition”: Concurso del BM sobre buenas prácticas en partenariados público-privados

Hasta el 31 de marzo los participantes pueden enviar estudios de casos, ensayos o vídeos que expongan ideas innovadoras para aumentar la participación del sector privado en infraestructuras de países en vías de desarrollo. Premio de 5000 dólares y viaje al “PPP Days event” en Londres.


Well-designed PPPs can help governments improve the delivery of basic infrastructure services to their citizens. To identify innovative solutions and best practices for developing and implementing PPPs, PPIAF and The World Bank Group’s PPP team invite individuals and teams (up to 3 people) to participate in the PPPs Short Stories Competition. Participants are invited to submit case studies, essays and video submission that highlight innovative ideas for increasing private sector participation in infrastructure in developing countries. Submissions will be accepted in English, French and Spanish.

Submissions are welcome on a number of subject areas, including:

• The challenges and solutions of PPPs in fragile countries and conflict-affected situations
• Innovative private sector financing solutions for infrastructure PPPs
• Innovative contractual arrangements in PPPs and hybrid PPP structures

Please see the competition website for a full list of topics.

Submissions will be evaluated on:

• Overall quality of submission, including clarity of argument, structure and technical inputs
• Relevance to the World Bank Group’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty within a generation and boosting shared prosperity
• Relevance to PPIAF’s mission of helping to eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable development by facilitating private involvement in infrastructure
• Identification of actionable ideas or best practices
• Innovative nature and replication potential of the ideas proposed or identified

Entries will be judged by a selection panel made up of global PPP experts. The overall winner will receive a $5,000 prize and a trip to attend the PPP Days event in London on June 16-17, 2015. Winning entries from each category (case study, essay and video) will receive a prize of $5,000. See competition website for further details.

Submissions are due March 31, 2015 at 11:59 EST. Please see competition website for full details and guidelines.

About PPIAF: The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) is a multi-donor technical assistance facility established in 1999. It is aimed at helping developing countries improve the quality of their infrastructure through private sector involvement. PPIAF provides technical assistance grants to governments and identifies and disseminates emerging notions of best practice in a rapidly evolving area. PPIAF is managed by the World Bank on behalf of its donors.

*PPIAF and The World Bank Group reserve the right to use submitted materials on their websites and to publish written or video submissions at any point in time. Full credit will be given to the author(s) whenever the materials are used.



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